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When you call me at Gold Thread Video, I will try to ascertain what kind of video you want and what kind of production and post-production services you'll need to create it, according to your stated budget (beyond certain basic categories, each project must be priced individually because there are so many factors that affect price in video production). There is no charge for this initial phone consultation, and I'll give you some real suggestions on how to proceed with your project and what you can expect. If I subsequently have the opportunity to work with you, you'll get my undivided attention and absolute best creative effort. Once your project is brought to the stage of a final draft (that could stand on its own as a finished product), the clock stops running on editing charges and you get two free rounds of changes. So you can fine-tune to your heart's content, not once, but twice.

Call or e-mail me, and let's see what your project's about.

Steve Sakellarios, Founder
Gold Thread Video Productions





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