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More and more businesses and organizations are using streaming video on their websites. Streaming video, once awkward and frustrating to use, is coming into its own and increasingly visitors will assume you'll have it and be looking for it on your website.


Gold Thread Demo Reel





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Music video promoting folk-rock
musician (name to be added
when song is officially launched)


30-sec. spot for fictional
product "Fresh & Breezy"
conceived and produced by
Gold Thread Video

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Fundraising/promotional video
for the Atlanta Celtic Festival
(see what went into the editing)



Fundraising video for the Campfire Boys and Girls' "Camp Toccoa"



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Scenes from a movie spoof written by and starring radiologist Dr. Neil Cooper of Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, GA for their annual talent contest.

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Internal training video produced for Caraustar Corp., to introduce their "Compass" program to management and employees
Interview of Atlanta association
executive Ann McClure






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Recruiting video for Georgia Utility Contractor's Association, aimed at high school seniors

Instructional video explaining the steps for pool maintenance






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These humorous role play skits by Guidant Corporation management were filmed on one day, edited overnight, and then shown during a training session the following morning.



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