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Gold Thread creates promotional videos that make your company or organization come alive for the viewer and set it clearly apart from your competition. Whether your budget is sizeable or modest, your video will receive the same careful attention in all stages from pre-production to post-production.


training Is your company spending too much on live training? Video, on VHS tape or CD, can bring training directly to your employees at a fraction of the cost.

Video can be used to roll out a new product, demonstrate how to conduct new procedures, or simply welcome new employees to your organization. A training video or CD can be made entertaining (video games tailored to company themes can be built into CD's, for example), and everyone receives the same consistent, accurate information.

Another prime example of how to use video for training, is to play videotaped "re-enactments" to spark discussion, prompting questions like "What did you see done right or wrong?" or "How would you have handled this situation?"

Seminars, Speeches, Musical and Artistic Performances

seminarsStephen Sakellarios of Gold Thread Video has fifteen years' experience videotaping all types of seminars, presenters and performers, including extensive work with professional speakers and musicians. Single and multi-camera shoots are available.performances

Streaming Video

Gold Thread has been streaming video since the "early days," in 1997. I can put your existing video on the web, or produce video content specifically for the internet and stream it in Windows Media, Flash, Quicktime or Real Media formats. Your streaming presentation will be crafted to be enjoyable and reliable, and it will be viewable by the largest number of visitors. (See our Samples page for examples.) A simple "message from the president" video for your website can be produced for $1,000 or less, and is a good way to try out our services.


State-of-the-art non-linear editing (full Final Cut Studio). Gold Thread's specialty is taking extra care to examine the footage in the logging process, getting familiar with it and choosing the clips that had a special energy or really "clicked." This moves the finished product to a new level. The clock stops after the first finalized draft is completed (one that could stand on its own as a finished product), and at that point you get two free rounds of changes. So you don't have to worry about getting charged extra when you see something that could be just a little bit better. Onsite editing available.

Cable TV Commercials

Gold Thread offers high-quality, customized cable-tv commercials. Our price will be a little higher than the "cookie-cutter" value-packages offered by some companies, but you'll get a commercial you'll be proud to have representing your business or organization. The commercial can also be streamed from your website, giving it a longer productive life.

Personal Projects

consulting on personal projectsAs good quality video equipment gets more affordable, hobbyists attempt more ambitious projects, and sometimes find that the learning curve to create television-quality video is steeper than they expected. Gold Thread can save you time and money by helping you to choose the right equipment and to map out your project in advance, making suggestions and pointing out pitfalls. Or, we can shoot it for you while you direct, acting as consultants on-the-job (sample to come for job currently in-progress).

Attention: Out-of-Towners!

If your out-of-town production company or news facility has a shoot scheduled in Atlanta, Gold Thread can provide a crew drawn from the best freelancers in the city, using whatever equipment you specify. These folks are not only experienced and talented, they are hand-picked for being ethical, reliable and easy to get along with.

Additional Services

Additional services such as multi-camera shoots, graphics-intensive editing including animated logos and graphic intros, interactive CD's and DVD's, and shooting on 16mm or 35mm film are available through outsourcing to colleagues who specialize in these areas. (They give Gold Thread a producer's discount so the price to you would be the same as if you went to them directly, except that I know who the really good ones are.)


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